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What City of Consciousness Am I Experiencing?

When I first begun my spiritual awakening I had one question that continuously popped up in my mind. “How far am I along this path?” This accelerator has been created to help anyone undergoing a spiritual awakening to gauge their progress.

The path may or may not be linear. Also I may be at alternate stages of consciousness in different areas of my life. Areas taken into account here are: Spiritual, Health, Wealth, Relationships and Lifestyle. I may be nearing enlightenment in creation of heaven on earth in my health and behind in my wealth.

This consciousness accelerator has been created from my personal experience of transcending the life in each of these “cities.” No city is meant to be better than the other. The sole intention is to create reference points to monitor my tracendance on my journey to enlightenment. There may be more levels and will be added as they are revealed.

Finally, from what has been revealed to me enlightenment is not a destination, it is a practice. As embodiment occurs the journey becomes increasingly enjoyable and brings about levels of bliss that are unimaginable to the unawakened.

When I think about rules which answer is most relevant?

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